Hidden Path (Klangwaben)

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  • Name of the Game: Hidden Path (Klangwaben)
  • Category: Puzzle-Game
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 10.3 or later. Compatible with iPhone and iPad
  • Developer: Faber Brothers
  • Published: WOOG UG, 02/2018
  • Languages: English and German
  • Add-Free: Yes
  • Variants: Full Version & Slightly limited Free-Version with less Cards
  • Website: klangwaben.com
  • Developer & Publisher email: mail@klangwaben.de

Woogmedias fascinating World of Klangwaben

The Game is based on a completely different puzzle type.

The idea of the logic is easy to learn and hard to master.

Every Puzzle combines sound, form, and color which create a completely new experience.

The Solution can be figured out in an alternative way by using paper and pen.

Hidden Path (Klangwaben) combines a fine design and enormous range of gradations. Common rules are not often applied.


Puzzles are combination of patterns associated with spectrums. The target is to clear all combs. The player is only allowed to move to an adjoining comb, provided that it has to be in the correct sequence of colors indicated underneath each pattern in the spectrum.

Each puzzle is filed as a card. Every card is a completely individual puzzle, and this is what makes this game unique. Since every single card is a puzzle itself, it is possible to share cards as individual images.

There are more than 240 cards (85 in the Free Version) of different grades. The four gradations are identified by the color of the cards, from green to magenta (easy to complex); while the blue color stands for cards created by players.

The card editor allows to create one’s own puzzle. It is possible to customize each blue card by adding author’s name, avatar, and/or sound sequence. Blue cards can also be shared as private images.

If you are expecting a great fuss you might wonder because the game is quiet. It only has minimal sound effects but no soundtracks. There are two-part melodies from classical music in each puzzle. Although those melodies are not required to solve the puzzle, yet it may lead attentive players to the correct solution path.

Since the game is nonlinear, player is free to scroll between cards and choose one to play.

Game-center, high-score, and achievements are implemented.


Inside The Game

Achievements - Main Menu - Card Editor - Settings

Inside The Game & Card Collections

Inside The Game at Device

Sample Cards: Easy, Medium, Difficult, & Complex

Sample Cards for the Free Version

User Created Card


Klangwaben Teaser (Teaser german only) | App preview

Teaser on YouTube (sorry german only)
App Preview on YouTube

Logo and Icon (free | full | grayscale)



WOOG UG (haftungsbeschränkt)
Deller Str. 3-9
42551 Velbert

Telephone: +49 2051 8050333
E-Mail: mail@klangwaben.de

Contact: Carlo Faber